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Office telephone:
Ireland:                               048 9099 7888
United Kingdom:              028 9099 7888
International:             +44 28 9099 7888
The office phone will divert to my mobile when I’m out and about.

Text: +353 87 631 3088

Email:  david @,
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Press Credential:
I carry both an official Republic of Ireland press credential, as recognized by the Gardai. And a United Kingdom press credential as issued by the UK Press Card Authority and recognized by the Association of Chief Police Officers of the UK.  I am a long time member of the National Union of Journalists.

UK/RoI Press ID: 095448
Marshall Reg’d: Dublin 399553

Image of a day walker in the Sierra de Abodi.
A tourist day walker inspects a direction sign.  Sierra de Abodi, northern Navarre (Spain).
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