My litter…

At the age of seven or eight years, I learned that the United States of America had launched 30,000 copper needles into space, in a failed attempt, to create a reflecting layer for radio waves. Even at that age, I felt a powerful revulsion at the notion that a western government could wantonly litter such a pristine place as space.  I remember asking my teacher how they expected to get them all back.

Well, I seem to have litter all across the internet. And I’m aware that it’s taking resources to maintain it. So I’m taking responsibility for my own detritus. Here’s my attempt at a bit of “spring cleaning”. Anything I think worth keeping, I’m going to bring back here to this blog. Everything else will get tossed into the recycle bin, and all of those words & phrases can be repurposed for use elsewhere…

At an ancient cairn, looking eastward along the peaks of the Pyrénees (c) Natasha Isabelle

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