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It's not just OK to re-invent the wheel as a writer; it's expected. Fresh ways to make the statement, communicate the idea, win the response. Sometimes it is simply a means to convey essential information, at other times a desire to win a shift in opinion or to motivate readers to action. Or maybe it's just to entertain. Whatever the ambition, it pays to be clear about the objective, to appreciate your audience, and understand the media to hand.

Skilled & cost effective...
Being a skilled and cost-effective writer of creative content, means delivering on a broad portfolio where every word is weighed and chosen to render the desired result. So when it matters to your business or your publication; when you are investing in your future or your reputation, then be sure to choose a writer competent to deliver on your ambitions.

Call or text. I'm easy to talk to and the chat is free.
087 631 3088 in the RoI or 079 4041 3090 in the UK
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Recent stories...
Recent stories include the success of import substitution in Saudi Arabia, laser scanning by a French company, to improve the aerodynamic performance of racing cars, a tourism feature on The Mountains Of Mourne, on-board coverage of a blue-water yacht race, interviews of "indie" performing artists and "Baselining Forensic Evidence" at the University in Prague.

Wider commercial portfolio...
Sales literature; user stories and product features for company magazines and newsletters; ghosted editorial; internal business or organisational manuals; features for commercial magazines and periodicals; instruction manuals.

Print, pdf & e-book, web, blog, video, audio & radio

And when I'm not writing or consulting: I'm a traveller, a rambler, a mountaineer, a sailor; a wildlife, café and DIY enthusiast. Solo or with family. And an early adopter of IT solutions.

Remember I'm easy to talk to and the chat is free. Call or text.
087 631 3088 in the RoI or 079 4041 3090 in the UK
IM & video conferencing using Microsoft Lync & Skype

David Marshall

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